Trump acts on Muslim ban and is set to name a Supreme Court nominee.

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Late Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to freeze refugee visas from several primarily Muslim countries. The new president is also expected to name his choice to fill the seat on the Supreme Court left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia nearly one year ago. His list is reportedly down to three finalists, all white men. Plus, after millions of women marched in opposition to Trump last weekend, how can they organize to work toward their objectives?

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71 thoughts on “Trump acts on Muslim ban and is set to name a Supreme Court nominee.

    1. Robert Helring

      +Ballistic Breezy you’re right this country was built by legal immigrant
      and nobody want to stop legal immigrants coming here so try again buddy

    1. Aut Caesar Aut Nihil

      hoda ahmad
      *”I gave you the answer the first time there is no punishment no one is
      forced to believe in Islam”*
      I don’t ask for that!!
      I ASK
      *1- When a muslim abandons Islam forever, what’s The Punishment?*
      *2- When can a muslim killing another muslim?*

  1. Zero Cool

    I don’t like Trump, and I’m an immigrant. And even I think that ban is a
    good idea. Them Muslim ain’t like the ones we got here, mas locos. And
    relax gringo, I’m here legally.

    1. randombro89

      No they don’t treat religious minorities fine at all Lebanon is a different
      story Half the population is Christian when you going to countries like
      Iran Saudi Arabia or where Christians make a smaller population christains
      are treated terribly and so are Jews or what about how they treat
      Christians in Egypt Coptic Christians are constantly persecuted Pakistan
      they are Pevely persecuted I could go on and give specific examples if you
      wish Muslims treat religious minorities badly. In the end the west treats
      Muslims better than Muslims treat non-Muslims in Middle Eastern countries

    1. MilitantPeaceist

      Give the same kind of Christians 1/2 a chance in the US & they would hang
      them also & the laws are literally going backwards … towards the kind of
      laws seen in Iran.
      So shut your sanctimonious arse flaps!

    1. Nexus 6

      Dwight Looi Why indeed. Look at Europe. Why would they want to live in a
      non Muslim country anyway? We both know the Aubrey to that. It’s very
      interesting to note, that none of the super rich Arab countries take
      refugees in. Why don’t they flock to those countries??

    2. Dwight Looi

      LOL… more Blame America First rhetoric from the self-guilt impaired?

      Nope, the USA Is NOT responsible. Islamism is. Maybe Iran should take in
      all the refugess. Why don’t you go bark up that tree?

    3. Dwight Looi

      Islam IS the problem. Islam isn’t what you think it is or is not. Islam is
      not what I think their believes are or are not. Islam is defined by what
      millions of its followers do and practice TODAY. And, there are enough who
      practice it in such a way as to make ISLAM as much a problem today as
      Medieval Christianity. BIG PROBLEM.

  2. Dwight Looi

    Let the Democrats complain all they want. Let the Media whine all they
    want. Get rid of the filibuster, ram it through and ra it down their
    throats like they did with Obamacare. Chuck Schumer can go pound sand. If
    the Liberals have the balls nominate extreme radicals like Ruth Bader
    Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and to a lesser extent Elena Kegan, we need the
    balls to nominate a counter balance.

    Donald J Trump and the Republican Congress… remember you are not elected
    to understand the left, compromise with the left, parlay with the left,
    moderate the left or work with the left. You are elected to STEAM ROLL and
    REPLACE the left, and totally reverse every damage they did in the last 50
    years. There is no reconcillation, we share ZERO values and world views
    with the left.

    Send in the troops to arrest all santuary city mayors and officials for
    aidding and abetting federal immigration law.

    Also, it’s time to pass a Federal Requirement for Voter ID. No Voter ID, no
    recognition of any state or local election.

    1. Jean-Michel Malenfant

      Arab Guy I’m calm I’m not angry don’t worry for me. But I’m hungry. And
      some bacon is waiting for me and I’ll eat it soon as a good infidel, I’m
      enjoying life instead of you. 🙂

  3. Bret H

    PBS left the comments on it will not last ! they don’t believe in freedom
    of speech after all they only believe in their own intellectual
    superiority… remember PBS your days are numbered it is time to pull the
    financial plug on your left-wing Echo chamber

    1. Bret H

      Nikki Lee — I understand thanks for the clarification … as a US citizen
      and libertarian I demand all of my rights now with a president who will
      bolster the Second Amendment I guarantee we will be able to keep our Bill
      of Rights more readily !

      #Hollywoodisover stop the brainwashing now!

  4. Wanda Roderick

    you’re forgetting President Carter revoked all visas and deported every
    single Iranian that was in the United States every one of them got kicked

    1. Mr Elementalist

      Rudy Texas If your comment is based on the assumption that Muslims don’t
      believe in Jesus, then your assumption is incorrect. Jesus is a beloved
      prophet in the Qaran. Also just so you know, I’m actually not even
      religious. I just prefer people portray other people’s beliefs more
      accurately, especially during a time of extreme prejudice. If I am
      incorrect in assuming your comment meant that, then I apoligize.

    1. Hadeel Alqadi

      Dwight Privilege we don’t want to kill anyone people think I actually want
      to bomb a place just shows how ignorant all you idiots are may god guide

  5. King Kaymen

    That san Bernadino shooter was radicalized by his refugee wife that came
    here all Willy nilly with fake papers “extreme vetting” give me a break

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