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Yes these are my dreams. Hi this is Jerry, I’m a normal person maybe just like you. I like to share my experience to my friends and family. The reason is I always have no luck and facing different kind of issues (too bad to me). That’s why I do not want them to have same problem like me.

I like to learn and improve my knowledge but I’m not a good learner. I have to take time and dicover by myself because not everyone is willing to teach and help me. It’s ok because still have nice people out there are willing to help me. However, where to find such people? It’s Internet! People can search¬†info from the internet. Nowadays You can search info from your computer or mobile phone, very convenient.

After years in society, what I have learned how to be a successful person is – HELPING PEOPLE. My¬†blog is new and not famous but maybe you can find useful info from here. I will keep on sharing my ideas and I’m also hoping you to share with your friends.

This is my short message. Happy reading!

To Your Success,


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