If You Have Enough Money, There’s A Place You Can Go Where They’ll Make Your Sickest Fantasies Come To Life

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Brooke Olimpieri

Charlie sat and tapped his fingers idly on the arm of his chair. He was growing impatient. He checked his watch and sighed heavily, feeling irritation stir in his chest. His eyes roamed around the elaborately decorated office. Despite his annoyance, he was impressed with the room in which he sat. The walls were lined with bookshelves that hosted an array of books in languages he didn’t even recognize. The floor was layered with thick, richly colored oriental rugs. The desk in front of him was massive, the maple polished to a shine.

“Will you fucking relax?”

Charlie swung his head over to appraise his friend sitting next to him. Evan’s mouth hosted a small smile and his green eyes sparkled with anticipation. His perfectly combed hair glowed with almost… Read More

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