China’s Message to Trump With North Korea Coal Ban: Let’s Deal

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China’s move to ban all coal imports from North Korea, effectively slicing the country’s exports by about half, came with a message to the U.S.

The impact of Western sanctions on North Korea aren’t always easy to see. CNN’s Will Ripley reports from Pyongyang.

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43 thoughts on “China’s Message to Trump With North Korea Coal Ban: Let’s Deal

    1. ranch97

      Yes and what part of that is not true. Even at the end of the video the reporter indicated that they were not getting true information. You really think that if they will not let American News talk to everyone outside of the capital they are not controlling the people the reporter is talking too?

    2. ChubbyGuy1

      Llcix is right, they have a “loyal-ness” scale in North Korea which acts as a pyramid. Those who are most loyal get to live in style, those who are least loyal are confined as 2nd class citizens. If there is dissent then their family members are abducted and/or they are shot.

    3. 천사

      Dont take south Korean propaganda too serious. North Korea is the most superior, most powerful and only free nuclear superpower in the world. Woe betide any brainwashed country, that believes it can mess with superior north Korea. North Korea always wins! O__O

  1. DH - VIBES

    Hey look there is a baby with a toy gun lol can u imagine if he was in America? he would be DEAD!! because some stupid cop is gonna claim he was in fair for his life.

    1. L G

      Lawrence Kithinji lol, are you able to discern for yourself? Or, do you just discard everything you fear might teach you something new, or that you might not agree with?

    1. L G

      IMA WAKE 2 what’s vengeful about a story giving us a glimpse into the life of the privileged few North Koreans, while acknowledging the suffering of the majority? do you know what “vengeful” means?

    2. IMA WAKE 2

      L G What I commented about was not about the article. It was about CNN being vengeful about their Bias on the elections, etc. They stretch lies to sound like truth.

    1. Crimson Corsair

      Ragnarok Sora yeah youre saying that to make trump look bad, and i hate Trump as much as the nexr guy, but theres no denying that North Korea is a dictatorship.

    2. Crimson Corsair

      Ragnarok Sora he’s the leader of the USA, as I guess you dont know. he was a part of the topic ever since you said north korea was an equal dictatorship to the USA

    3. Ragnarok Sora

      +Crimson Corsair no America is worst, they drops bombs on other countries. “But…but their terrorist”. Lol. Apparently USA has no accountability now? Just bomb the crap out of countries. And we all know that they do it for resources. The war on terror is a façade.

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