Weekend TV: 'Grace and Frankie,' J.K. Simmons in 'Counterpart'

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What’s worth watching, and what might not be, in prime time.

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Stay cozy this winter with a rechargeable hand warmer for $20

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If you’re struggling to keep warm this winter and your smartphone-enabled gloves aren’t cutting it, then you might want to give this rechargeable hand warmer a spin. 

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UK coroner awaiting test results on late Cranberries singer

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Police say they don't consider the death suspicious, meaning they have found no sign of foul play.

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Lumiere festival brings sparkle to London

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Lumiere festival brings sparkle to London Video provided by AFP

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The 10 craziest Nicolas Cage movie performances, ranked

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In honor of 'Mom and Dad' and 'Mandy,' let's break down the films where the Oscar-winning actor totally went 'full Cage.'

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Second ‘Tomb Raider’ trailer adds welcome backstory to all the action

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Our first look at the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot was tonally all over the place, mixing the earlier Angelina Jolie films' goofy action with the more serious emotional heft of the critically-acclaimed newer Tomb Raider video games. Thankfully, the se…… Read More

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#BookmarkThis: Chat live with &apos;That&apos;s What She Said&apos; author Joanne Lipman

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On Jan. 30, join USA TODAY for a Facebook live chat with Joanne Lipman about her new book 'That's What She Said,' about the workplace gender gap.

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Royal makeover: Take a look at Prince William&apos;s new, buzzed haircut

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While the new look is not extremely shocking, as it looks quite similar from the front, profile shots reveal the shorter and lighter-looking locks.

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Steven Aitchison: If you want to love yourself…

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If you want to love yourself completely, don’t hate the experiences from your past, they have helped you become the person you are today…. Read More

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Dylan Farrow speaks out on Woody Allen molestation accusations: &apos;He was my hero&apos;

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Dylan Farrow gives her first television interview to 'CBS This Morning' co-host Gayle King, maintaining her claims against director Woody Allen.

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